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Rigging and Lifting

We are specialized in heavy Lifting & Rigging works for small and standalone components to major and multiple machine line ups. Rigging & Lifting operations on Oil & Gas, Construction & Engineering sites are carried out Saudi Arabia on a daily basis. we are providing the complete package of rigging activities around the kingdom including Cranes, Heavy Equipment, Trucks, well modulated 3-D lifting plans, Advanced Calculation Chart, Field Execution . Our highly-skilled and Qualified Riggers are our specialty. They paired with our specialized Rigging Equipment and allows you to a safe and most challenging jobs while minimizing downtime to your operations. We carry an expansive inventory of commercial Rigging Equipment including Boom trucks, Fork lifts and Cranes with the ability to lift up to 1200+ tons.

In an Emergency, Our team is available 24hrs/7 to respond to your needs.

The removal and replacement of heavy plant equipment often involves complicated and sensitive challenges, especially during Outages and Turnarounds. Our world-class innovation, Engineering & Technology gives you customized solutions to minimize downtown and keep your plant operational.

We take safety seriously. You’ll often hear us say, ‘Don’t gamble with your lifting gear” and we mean it. Using Lifting Gear can often have a high risk of injury, and the cost to business can be significant when something goes wrong. It is important to ensure that regular examinations and inspections of lifting gear are undertaken to ensure maintenance is kept, and to verify that the Equipment can continue to be safely used. Lifting Gear inspections must be undertaken on a regular basis, our Riggers with adequate training, knowledge, skills & expertise.